This is my first trip to Ireland and I am already infatuated by the place and its people.  The pre-tour for the assembly took us to Kilkenny and the Ceramics Ireland  Festival.  We visited the national craft center and the castle on the first day. We then traveled a bit to the small village of Thomastown for the festival. There was a great group of artists demonstrating and talking about their work.   There was a also an exhibitions to view.  We were fed well and enjoyed some traditional music at the end of the day.  On Sunday we took in more of the sights of Kilkenny and enjoyed watching the local team play in the national hurling championship.  It is an interesting sport that has nothing to do with what happens if you drink too much!  We watched the excitement at a local pub.  Its a fast moving game and the score kept alternating until there was a tie at the very end.  No sudden death or overtime here  – a rematch will take place next Sunday.


Good friends from around the world




National Craft Center Kilkenny


Steve Mattison talking about the International Ceramic Center in Hungary


The Castle In Kilkenny


Opening for the IAC Members’ Exhibition