My new work comes from experiences in recent artist residencies and travel. On at trip to Jingedzhen, China, a visit to the “decal store” was a new experience, which opened up unique possibilities. I experimented with these Chinese decals while on residency at the International Ceramic Studio in Hungary. I also improved my mold making skills there and learned to work with china paints and lusters. The Herrend porcelain available for my use was exceptional for its whiteness, offering me a pristine surface for decoration. Once back in my studio at home, I started working with vintage and digital decals, which are more accessible.

I use the decals in a collage-like fashion, cutting and “pasting” them to fit the areas and concept I am interested in. The shift from two-dimensional to three-dimensional as well as from negative and positive space, becomes critical to the composition.

Recently, I am using commercial plates as an immediate and readily available neutral surface for these decal explorations. All this is in an effort to engage the viewer in the visual shifts and relationships formed.