I have been working with new technologies to create my recent work. I work collaboratively with Art and Technology graduate students to create models. We scan natural objects such as fruits, vegetables, seedpods, etc. with a Zcorp 3D handheld portable scanner. The scans are then printed in the Objet Eden 250 3D rapid prototyping machine. I use these resin models to make plaster molds. I pour liquid slip porcelain clay into the mold. When the forms harden enough to be removed from the mold, I work with the them in an assemblage style to create the final pieces. They are dried then fired in a kiln to 1700° F as a bisque firing. A clear glaze is applied and the pieces are once again fired, this time from about 2200 to 2400°F. As a finishing decorative touch, a gold luster is applied as well as a ceramic decals, then fired one last time at the lower temperature of 1300°F.

With the Piante series, I have taken the work off the wall, combining the shapes to create unique forms with a broader vocabulary. As porcelain is white, and many gallery walls and pedestals are as well, I wanted to create a contrast that would show the whiteness of the porcelain.  I laser cut wood for stands for much of this work, reflecting shadows of leaves as a backdrop to the natural forms.