The Assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics was a wonderful combination of lectures; exhibits and opportunities see old friends and meet new people from around the world. The topics were varied and interesting each in their own way. I was pleased that new technologies were included as one of the themes.

There were numerous exhibitions besides the usual Member’s Exhibition. I was pleased to see such an active clay community in Ireland.   Shows from Korea, Croatia, China and other countries were well represented, in some cases hosted by the respective country’s ambassadors. Outside the US, Ceramics is appreciated as an important field that has both cultural and economic contributions to make.

Dublin is a lively city and a wonderful blend of old and new.   The meeting and some of the exhibits were held in Dublin Castle, a complex of buildings with the same blend of old and new. There were plenty of pubs and restaurants to enjoy.   A few of us took a short break from the proceedings to tour Guinness. I am proud to add to my diplomas and awards, a certificate of completion for the course on how to pour the perfect pint!

The closing dinner was in the crypt of Christchurch and was an eerie yet exciting place to celebrate our time together.


Ingrid Murphy doing digital magic on her work.


Paul Scott lecture


Wen Hung Cheng tempting us with IAC Taiwan 2018


Tina Byrne hosting us at Centered, Irish Ceramics


Working on my certificate at Guiness


360 view of Dublin from the top of Guiness


Farewell dinner at the Crypt Christ Church


Friends at the farewell dinner