I was thrilled to return to Australia after spending a month as artist-in-residence at Australia National University in Canberra about 4 years ago. I had fallen in love with the people, the landscape and the unique birds and animals. I was pleased to be included as a presenter for Stepping Up: The Australian Ceramics Triennale in Canberra. A sense of familiarity and, in turn, comfort enveloped me while I was there. I was pleased to see my ANU colleagues, Janet DeBoos and Greg Daley, as well as a number of the students that were in attendance there when I was in residence. Many are active artist and some were getting ready to graduate. I saw Maddy Ghosh, who was at UF on exchange as well. I was a wonderful reunion all around.

The conference had about 400 people from around the globe in attendance, which made for an atmosphere conducive for discussion and socializing. Chock full of excellent presentations, demonstrations and panels, we were all engaged and in turn excited about the ceramics field and where it is headed. Bus and walking tours took us to museums, galleries and amazing ceramic centers. My favorite shows included Janet DeBoos’s retrospective and Greg Daley’s show of spectacular luster work. The work of Aboriginal artists from the Ernabella Arts Center held in the Botanical Gardens was very exciting. The exhibit titled Proteus included a number of alums of ANU. It was interesting and displayed in a beautiful gallery space. Overall, a great experience and one I will always treasure. Next stop, New Zealand.


Panel discussion


DeBoos Retrospective


Daley luster


Zoe Slee in Proteus


Kate Dunn in Delegate’s Exhibit


My work in Delegate’s Exhibit


Maddy Ghosh