This was a week of exploration of clays and glazes at the Shangyu Celadon Modern International Center. There are about dozen clays from all over China available to us including about four from Jingdezhen, others from Longquan, Dehua, Yixing and local clays. Glazes are always a bit of a mystery here due the fact that they come pre-mixed and in plastic bottles. Needless to day, we are running lots of tests and trying new materials.

The molds of my 3D printed prototypes of scanned objects from nature arrived from Jingdezhen and I have been in “production mode” since. I am also throwing some, exploring surface techniques stenciling, with traditional paper cuts, decals and china paints.  The staff works hard to make our work for at the center possible.   It has been a pleasure getting to know them.


High Schooler’s gator

Outside the studio, we had a double birthday celebration for Joe Bova and Teri Frame. We visited a high school vocational program for ceramics. Joe entertained the students by throwing a duck. They were an enthusiastic group.   A visit to the local museum with a Yu Celadon collection topped off the week. We have hit the midpoint of the residency and both the excitement and pressure about the finished work is mounting.


Slip cast


Our studio


Celadon sample glazes


Birthday celebrations


Bova demo


Shangyu Celadon Museum


Museum piece