This week was a bittersweet one as we finished up work, packed and said goodbyes to everyone at Red Lodge Clay Center. I thought I would take some time to give a glimpse of the great facility at Red Lodge, the fine work and dedication of David and Maggy Hiltner. Our AIA group worked hard and made good work thanks to the people and the place.

Joe Bova unloaded a very successful catenary wood kiln. Marc Leuthold fired the soda kiln until the bitter end. Linda Lighton packed a number of pieces she glazed and will china paint in KC. I managed to get everything at least bisqued and a bit glaze fired. This work will keep me busy glazing, firing, decaling, firing, china painting, firing for the rest of the summer.

We did take some time for socializing this last week. We had a lovely lunch at the Hiltner’s sitting among the trees with the creek running nearby. We went out with the long-term residents for a great dinner at the Grizzly Bar in Roscoe. And of course, the AIA group had to say goodbyes as we headed back to our homes in various parts of the country. Somehow I know we will all meet again, not necessarily in this place all together, but perhaps at an NCECA, IAC Assembly, workshop or another residency.


AIA Studio


Gas and Electric kiln room


Soda kiln


Glaze and plaster rooms


Long term residents’ area


Wood firing


Lunch at the Hiltner’s


Farewell dinner at the Grizzly Bar


On the road again…