CNC mold

Plaster mold of CNC routed model


CNC Router and model


Architectural detail on Norman Hall UF Campus

In my quest to utilize 3D technology as another tool in the tool box in creating my work, I sat in on Charlie Cumming’s summer class on the topic.  I found there are many software applications that are free or available to educators.  I used 123D Catch by Autodesk (free app) to scan an architectural detail by downloading over 20 photos of it from various views.  With Charlie’s help in MAYA (educators version) we closed it up into a solid object.  Meshmixer (free app) helped to fix any digital “holes.”  Charlie then gave us a lesson on Rhino, which is what the Art and Architecture Fab Lab CNC router runs on, inputing the digital file of the architectural detail so it would carve a positive in a block of blue insulation foam.  After routing,  I cleaned it up and sealed it and then poured plaster into the foam.  I now have a negative mold, which I will slip cast porcelain with.  Images of finished work to follow in a future post.