Nanjing University of the Arts is my last university stop on this trip to China. The Ceramics program is one of the best and the senior faculty, LuBin and Yanze Jiang are a couple of the most exciting artists in the country. I gave a workshop on tile surface decoration and the students really explored the possibilities. I was treated to many wonderful meals, but one of the most exceptional was the dinner at LuBin and Li Yuhua’s home and the students did the cooking! It was a wonderful twist on the American version of a potluck.

This was BFA and MFA exhibition time and the entire museum is turned over to student work. Very exciting. I have been also attending orals for masters and PhD’s and it is interesting to witness this process in another country.

A visit to the Nanjing provincial museum was overwhelming with rooms of pottery, study collection style, from various dynasties and as old as Paleolithic. The display areas are stunning with some of the finest examples of work in clay.