My month in China is coming to an end and the highlight was connecting with so many wonderful students. I gave a lecture to the graduate students at Wuhan Textile University where I serve as a Chutian Scholar. The new lecture room has a 3D feature I will need to explore next year.  I also lectured at the new campus and found a large digital billboard announcing my talk!

I then gave a lecture to Industrial Design and Ceramics Students at the American Center at the University of Shanghai Science and Technology. I also gave a gallery talk to them on the Exchange Exhibition on view.

With my friend “Po” Guangzhen Zhou I visited the Shanghai Institute of Art and lectured to the ceramics students. My last lecture was to the ceramics students at the Nanjing University of the Arts.

I gave a couple workshops and demos as I have already blogged about. I found the students to be engaged and enjoyable. I hope to keep in touch with a number of them through WeChat and see them in the future.