I had another interesting week in Eskisehir.  I prepared for my class and did a demonstration of my canvas slump mold with paper support relief.  I visited the Materials Engineering program and have been invited to lecture to their students about my 3D scanning and printing use in model making later this month.   I will be able to visit some of the factories they have connections with in the future.

On Friday, there was a campus – wide  reception in celebration of this coming week’s Kurban Bayram (Sacrifice Holiday).  I met the Rector (President) of Anadolu University and the International Officer.  Everyone was in a festive mood.  We will have all of next week off.   The campus and city has been bustling with people, many with suitcases on their way to visit family.

Today, I went with friends to the old and market area of Eskisehir.  We visited the glass museum with a collection of contemporary glass, mostly from Turkish artists, but also some international ones. My excellent tour guide, Esin, is my research assistant and a glass artist.  We also visited the wax museum, which is considerably large.  Ataturk is the star of the museum, but he shares the stage with people from the arts, literature, acting, politics, etc.  Speaking of politics, I was able to have my picture taken with Obama!  Afterwards, we had Turkish coffee, went to the market area, fought the crowd for some fresh boza (corn pudding) and topped it off with borek, fried phyllo dough with filling.   It was a lovely day, one that exposed me to many Turkish traditions.

Demo Glass museum Me and the Prez Boza




I head to Cappadoccia for a few days during the break and so look out for next weeks post of this remarkable place.

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