It was interesting to spend Christmas in Turkey.  Although I missed spending Christmas with my family and friends, my colleagues helped me celebrate.  The Dean and Fine Arts Faculty had a dinner in my honor on Christmas Eve.  I have been made to feel so welcome and appreciated here.  This dinner meant a great deal to me.

Over the weekend my Turkish tutor Sinem and her boyfriend (and glass student) Murat, took me to the old Ottoman part of town, which has been renovated into studios, museums, shops and restaurants.  We then went to Eskisehir’s Anthropology Museum.   It has been recently renovated and is stunning. Sinem is an anthropology student and worked on one of the digs.  All the objects are from the region.  I was very impressed.

My glass casting cooled enough for my glass colleagues to help me with taking them out of the mold. Next came grinding, cleaning, sandblasting and a little polishing on one of the pieces.  Some informal shots with a light source are included below.  My head is spinning with ideas for making these into pieces that will include clay and lights.  Stay tuned…

My class is finishing up their tile panels.  We had an unexpected visit by a class of kindergarteners.  I am not so sure if we entertained them or they entertained us.  Too cute!

On Friday, the Fine Arts Faculty students had their annual holiday sale on handmade items.  Needless to say, I did some shopping.  The prices were good and the cause worthwhile.

There are only two weeks left to this amazing Fulbright experience.  I am already feeling nostalgic.  It is nice to know I am welcome to come back.

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