My week as a tourist in Turkey is about over.  Tomorrow, Roy heads back to Istanbul and then home the next day.  I head back to Eskisehir and my Fulbright work.

After an amazing time in Istanbul, we traveled to Eskisehir.  I had a dinner party of friends and colleagues so Roy could meet some of the wonderful people I work with.  It was my way of having a Thanksgiving dinner, Turkish style, complete with traditional music.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Roy wandered around Eskisehir while I taught my class.  Pumpkin Turkish Delight had to suffice for a Thanksgiving treat.  I am very pleased with the designs the students have planned for their tile panels.

On Friday we took the high-speed train to Ankara, where we then flew to Izmir on the Aegean coast.  The following day, Roy had arranged for a private guide to Ephesus.  There were people living in this area over 6,000 years ago.  The land has continuously been transformed through the Hittite, Mycenaean, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras.  Both paganism, as seen in the temple of Artemis (now just a column or two) and Christianity  (the house of Mary and basilica of St. John) are visible in its sites.  The city itself was moved three times due to the silting of the sea and the loss of harbor access.  Only about 20% of the ruins have been excavated so far and that alone was lots to see.

Today we walked around Izmir to see its famous clock tower and enjoy the waterfront.  A visit to the dusty Archeology Museum surprised is with an interesting ceramics collection.  We took a ferry ride to see the bay by water.  It was a wonderful way to top off the visit.

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