I wish I were a poet so that I might find words to describe the beauty, wonder and mystery of the Alhambra. Much of what I fell in love with while living in Turkey came flooding back to me while walking through its architecture and gardens.

The hotel we stayed in was special as it was on the grounds of the Alhambra. The Spanish government runs a handful of “paradores” on historic sites such as this one, the castle in Toledo and a few others. Besides the amazing window view, we had access to the outdoor grounds in the evening. Walking around with it lit up and only a handful of people around, the city below us glowing, was truly incredible.

My words will be limited in this post. I will let a handful of the hundreds of photographs I took tell the story.

IMG_4317 IMG_4164 IMG_4170 IMG_4255 IMG_4189 IMG_4127 IMG_4123 IMG_4112 IMG_4067