This visit was much too short as the architecture is amazing. First we visited the National Museum of Ceramics. The Museum Director Juame Coll gave us a great tour of the museum then toured us around the city, giving us highlights of the buildings and the elaborate tile work on them. We saw numerous tile wall murals, religious murals and modernist ceramics at the train station. Our hotel was next to Santiago Calatrava’s City of Arts and Science. He is a native of this city. He built a grand (and controversial) park with numerous buildings and an aquarium. Unfortunately, the buildings were closed by the time we arrived, but the exteriors showed his gift. This is a city worth going back to.img_1000 img_1023 img_1026 img_1030 img_1034 img_1045 img_1053 img_1062 img_1066 img_1074