One of the highlights of the trip so far was visiting the Mogao Grottoes.  Unfortunately,  we were not allowed to take any pictures.  I highly recommend you find images on line or in books.  It is an amazing group of caves with paintings and sculptures of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.  The first cave is from 366 AD.  Wealthy traders on the Silk Road were the donors for the cave temples.  They rayed there for safe journey (and they needed the help I am sure).  They felt into disrepair in the Yuan Dynasty (before Ming) and were “rediscovered” by foreign explorers – many who took whole chunks of the wall paintings and entire statues to such places as the British Museum.    They were also desecrated by  various religious groups that came in and out of favor.  We had a good guide and the guides rotate the caves they open so as not to do too much damage.  The wind was sandy, as you can see from my attractive get up.

Mogao Caves Near Dunhuang