It is hard to believe a week has already gone by on my travel to China. I lost track a bit, but I believe this is trip number eleven to this country that continually fascinates me. I am back in my role as Chutian Scholar at the College of Fine Arts, Wuhan Textile University, Wuhan, China. I have been working on preparations for the exchange exhibition of UF Ceramics and Graphic Design collaborative projects of ceramics objects with packaging design. The same areas here are working together for their side of the collaboration. We will open the show on Friday.

This past week I also met with faculty and gave a lecture to graduate students on my research of new technologies and 3D printing.

The weekend was very interesting. On Saturday my host Professor Yi Yang and her husband took me to see a large and amazing ceramics exhibition from Hubei Province, at the Wuhan At Museum. It had both traditional work from one of the ancient wood fire kilns still in use in the province as well as contemporary artists that made work for the kiln.

The next day, Professor Runa Peng, who spent last year at UF as a visiting scholar, took me to visit with a major Chinese painter living and working in Wuhan. Leng Jun’s work is remarkable.   His paints from live models and still life objects, with either a loose brush quality or an amazingly realist one. The latter has details down to an exact hair, sweater stich and wrinkle. His studio is in a large 1900’s house with a coffee shop, rented studios and a gallery, decorated with interesting sculptures and things he uses in his painting. A group of us had a great lunch together and it was interesting to learn about his past and current successful career.

It is great to come back to visit with my friends here in Wuhan and work with a great group of faculty. I have one more week to go here then on to other adventures in China.


Wuhan Art Museum, Hubei Ceramics


Wuhan Art Museum, Hubei Province Ceramics


Leng Jun’s Studio


Leng Jun and work


Yi Yang in her studio