My second and last week in Wuhan was very rewarding. I had over 20 students and a handful of faculty from Graphic Design, participate in my handbuilding with slabs using paper workshop. In about 10 hours over 3 days the pieces were made and decorated with a variety of slip techniques. The pieces were displayed leather hard so I could see them all before I left. The students were very attentive and open to a number of new ideas thrown at them rather quickly.

The Chinese remind me of my Italian family and heritage. Eating together and the ritual of food are very important. It is a way of showing appreciation. I was treated to some amazing food, like at the place where the wok is in the center of the table and the food cooked with a wood fire beneath. We went to other lovely places to eat outdoors with fountains and ponds. One night they obliged me to dinner at Pizza Hut, as I wanted to taste a Chinese pizza. It is a bit different, but tasty nonetheless.


My faculty host and friend Professor Yi Yang had me to her house for dinner with her family. Nothing like home cooking! Her daughter has grown so since the 4 years I was last here. Her father in law is one of the most respected watercolor painters in Hubei province and travels often by invitation. His work is beautiful and I hope I am in Wuhan when he has a major exhibition at the Hubei Provincial Art Museum next year.

I had a productive wrap up meeting with Dean Ouyang and we have plans for an exchange exhibition next year, so UF colleagues and students, be on the look out for more information as details develop.

The Dean and Professor Yang escorted me on the fast train that took me to Shanghai. Next week’s blog will be about my time here and in Nanjing. It is my last week for this trip to China and I am already planning my next one.


Farewell dinner


Helping the waitress cook country style

My apartment building on campus, 20th floor


View from one room


Poster for the display of workshop pieces