I am happily in China again. My first trip to China was in 2000 and this is my ninth trip in 15 years. During these first two weeks, I am a Visiting Professor at the Academy of Arts and Design at Tsinghua University, Beijing. I am here at the invitation of the dean, Professor Baiming, who has been a visiting artist at Kansas State University and University of Florida. We have known each other for a long time. I go on to Wuhan Textile University, Shanghai and Nanjing for the remainder of my five-week trip. For this post I will focus on my first week at Tsinghua University.

I have spent this week reuniting with friends and even an old student from a previous teaching experience here, as well as met new faculty and students. Tsinghua University is considered the “Harvard of the East” and it is evident in the highly motivated and talented students.   I gave a lecture about my work and my recent research in 3D scanning and printing. I am finding a great deal of interest on these new technologies everywhere I present.

Coincidentally, an exhibition at the National Museum of China held an opening this week. My colleagues and friends Wayne Higby and Jacques Kaufmann are two of four artists in an exhibition that strives for an “East –West dialogue in Ceramic Art.” It was great to see them in China. Baiming hosted a great dinner and also in attendance were “Po” Guangzhen Zhou and Dr. Ichi Hsu. We all agree that Ichi is responsible for encouraging many ceramic artists to come to China, including those of us in the room!


With Wayne Higby, Jacques Kaufmann, Baiming, Po and Ichi Hsu (seated)


Tea ceremony is a social ritual


Discussion with interested students after my talk


Dean Baiming introducing me at my lecture


“East –West dialogue in Ceramic Art”


Yuanmingyuan Park and the ruins of the original summer palace